Gottestdienst am 22.06.08

Der normale Gottesdienst fällt aus, dafür feiern wir eine Grillhochzeit!
– Sonntag um 13 Uhr
-am Werdersee Haltestelle Kirchweg
– statt des Gottesdienstes
– Zuerst wird geheiratet, dann gegrillt
– bei Regenwetter fragt nach dem alternativen Treffpunkt
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Gebetsabend 12.06.08

Unser Gebetsabend findet Donnerstag, den 12.06.08 ab 20 Uhr im Schuhkarton statt. Wer gerne vorbeischauen möchte und nicht weiß wo das ist, kann über info[at] nachfragen

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Hi am Wochenende vom 13.-15.06.08 sind wir auf dem Nord-Regio-Treffen in Celle. Dort werden wir am Sonntag gemeinsam mit den Cellern und unserem Gastsprecher Hans-Dieter Gramm Gottesdienst feiern. Daher fällt in Bremen der Gottesdienst aus. Aber ihr seid alle eingeladen mit uns nach Celle zu kommen ;o)

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Hi! I’m Ivan Madar. I’m a professional ski instructor and welcome to the Arizona Snowbowl. It’s beautiful today and we are going to try to show you how to learn how to ski. I’ve been a professional instructor for over thirty years in the Rocky Mountain division. I’m a certified instructor, level three, with the United States Professional Ski Instructors of wholesale jerseys America. Cheap NFL Jerseys First of all, let’s see what do we need for skiing, obviously? The obvious things you need some skis, you need some boots and you need to be dressed properly. So, we don’t have to get into that in detail. We can get into it as we talk about the instruction. Secondly, you have to make sure you stay safe on the slopes. So we will talk a little bit about the Code of Responsibilities for skiers. But first, let’s decide how we are going to show you how you can ski at your level. And, obviously not everybody is physically fit all the time. Not everybody is at the same athletic ability and not everyone has the same level of coordination. But, there’s a way to ski for everyone. So, I’d like to show you two ways; how to progress into a nice advanced staged of skiing which we call parallel turn skiing; where you can control yourself, whether you are a conditioned athlete or you are someone who is just starting and have never done anything athletic in your life.What can parents do to trace a missing child, other than filing a police complaint? What if there is no ransom call and the child has not been kidnapped but just got lost? What if the desperate father approaches the media, Cheap Jerseys only to be asked to place an advertisement instead? What if the family does not have the means to do this or announce a reward to cheap nfl jerseys the public for useful information ?While it will be nice to not hear rampant complaints against the BCS next year, the replacing system is a selection panel of „experts“. People can clamor for an improved system all they want, but a human panel is not likely to be much better. It’s not as if the selection committee for the NCAA basketball tournament is spared any judgement Wholesale Jerseys or criticism for their actions.Indications are positive and driving performance. With the majority of the execution still to come in 2012, our post reignite performance is clearly indicating we’re on the right track. In both the on and off premise throughout the second half of 2011, Carling has driven value ahead of volume. And in the 12 weeks ending the 24th of December, saw Carling as the best performing mainstream lager, up 12% in volume and 15% in value, giving the brand its highest market share in 4 years.