Gottesdienst vorverlegt [1.11. 15Uhr]

Am Sonntag, dem 1.11. um 17h findet bei uns in dem Gemeinderäumen die Mitgliederversammlung des Musikszene Bremen e.V. statt.
Aus diesem Grund findet unser Gottesdienst eine Stunde früher um 15 Uhr, aber dennoch in den Räumen im Zollamt statt.

Wir freuen uns schon euch am Sonntag begrüßen zu dürfen.

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Gottesdienst verlegt II [18.10.]

Unser Gottesdienst kann auch diese Woche noch nicht im Zollamt stattfinden. Aufgrund dessen ist er in die Wohnung von Frido und Marcela (Columbusstraße 36 in Walle | Haltestelle Elisabethstraße mit der Linie 3 | klingeln bei Boost und Martins-Melo) verlegt und startet um 16,30h.

Hier noch ein Link für die bessere Orientierung:,+28217+Bremen&hl=de&geocode=FX8qKgMdbfKFAA%3BFfgvKgMduPSFAA&mra=ls&dirflg=w&sll=53.095931,8.778602&sspn=0.001369,0.003449&ie=UTF8&z=17

Sorry für die Unannehmlichkeiten.

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Gottesdienst verlegt [11.10.]

Moin Leute unser Gottesdienst wurde verlegt.

Wir beginnen um 17 Uhr in der Hoernecke Straße 19-21 (schaut nach der grün weissen Verklebung der Front und „Kinderwelt“ Parkplatz).

Wegbeschreibung per Bahn:

Linie 3 Haltestelle „Europahafen“ hinter der Haltestelle in die kleine Straße laufen!

Bis dann

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Änderung Seminar am Samstag [10.10.]

Moin, gestern Nacht wurde im Zollamt eingebrochen!

Die Räume sind noch nicht wieder benutzbar, daher…

Änderung: Das Seminar mit Ferry findet ab 11 Uhr in der Wohnung von Kai und Uli statt (Kattenturmer Heerstraße 325).

Mehr Infos folgen!

You can also start to move this into wholesale nfl jersyes a side approach. Pass defenders and run stoppers make instinctive split second decisions about which angles they take, when they cut inside, or when they leap for the ball. It is actually a wired remote with a built in FM tuner.. And like I said, I’m not here to harm them or out them, but it’s just life. They were stationed at Baker Street. I understand people are looking for hope here, but the data on hyperbaric oxygen doesn’t show that it really works. I don’t wanna know till after. Chilling at the oakleys outlet Raiders game. A good bartender can easily take home a neat $50,000 a year. It really hasn’t been the year of safety, in my opinion.. Hi Jessica,I definitely feel that the perception of cheerleaders is Wholesale Jerseys changing rapidly. Seriously, a toilet! Because, you know, that warm urine certainly halts when it hits the cool calm waters of your commode. 4. When you have a profit incentive to promote the use of a substance, that could increase the problems associated with it.. We just want to see how a battle between skyscraper sized Rock wholesale jerseys ‚Em Sock ‚Ems and Godzillas would play out. According to Maeda, he started the practice in order to get around Japan’s strict censorship laws, which forbade the depiction of a penis but did not forbid penetration by anything else.. His boss and his lab know this is coming. I got the same commission regardless of whether it was a PFM or gold. She even has her own literacy programme, which distributes 2.5 million free books to children every year. It is common for a player to play injured, and risk further injury, in order to win games of football. We will continue to respond to opportunities and feel better than ever about our position in the catbird seat with the best current and library content out there.. Conversely, when watching the needle come into contact with black skin, they sweated less meaning that they didn’t „feel the pain“ as much when seeing it inflicted on a black person. Red alert, parents. Trump praises ‚incredible people‘ at Carrier plant as he pledges to make ‚a lot of phone calls‘ to save more US jobs and rescued factory worker tells Americans ’not to doubt The Donald’Carrier Corp. Removed was the vague language about a player having to make a „football move“ to rubber stamp a would be catch the most subjective and heavily criticized part of the catch rule. To share his idea and inspire others, Humphreys devised a series of ten challenges in the form of four minute trip reports encouraging would be adventurers to sign up for a race, to take advantage of the hours before and after work, and to pick a random point on a Cheap Jerseys map and visit it.
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