GoDi um 11:30 am 02. 03.

Vom 28. 02. – 02. 03. findet bei uns in Bremen das Regiotreffen der Nordregion statt. Daher wir der Gottesdienst nicht wie sonst um 16:00 Uhr stattfinden sonden um 11:30.

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15 Jahre Jesus Freaks Bremen

Wir feiern Jubiläum!! Feiert doch mit: Am Samstag den 01. März ab 20 Uhr in unseren Räumen im Zollamt.

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Regiotreffen in Bremen! 28. 02. – 02. 03.

Regiotreffen der Nordregion findet in Bremen statt! Außerdem feiern wir unser 14-jähriges Jubiläum!

Vom 28. 02. -02. 03.

Start: Freitag ab 17:00, Ende Sonntag: ca. 13:00

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Hier gehts zur Anmeldung, (die ist auf jesusfreaks.de)
bitte meldet euch unbedingt an, wenn ihr kommt, damit wir ordentlich planen können!

Die Kosten stehen noch nicht fest, kann aber nicht viel werden, u.a. dafür haben wir ja die Regiokasse.


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A rough draft isn’t something you write the night before an assignment is due and then hand in the next morning. Waiting until the last minute rather than taking the time to work through the writing process will cost you the experience of developing a project from beginning to end, not to mention your grade on the assignment. If your instructor doesn’t give you a deadline for your Wholesale China Jerseys rough draft, set your own deadline for when you will have it completed, giving yourself enough time to create your raw material, reshape it into multiple drafts and create the final version.Dodgers Kenta Maeda (16 11, 3.48) vs. Cubs Jon Lester (19 5, 2.44)Cubs rout Dodgers in Game 4, 10 2 Cubs rout Dodgers in Game 4, 10 2 Oct. Julio Urias gave up four runs in less than four innings and the Cubs cheap football jerseys china broke out of their scoreless slump in a big way to rout the Dodgers and even the best of seven NLCS, 2 2. Oct. 19, 2016,.Cubs rout Dodgers in Game 4, 10 2 Oct. Julio Urias gave up four runs in less than four innings and the Cubs broke out of their scoreless slump fake oakleys in a big way to rout the Dodgers and even the best of seven NLCS, 2 2. Oct. 19, 2016,.Read the storyDodgers Manager Dave Roberts did not say Clayton Kershaw would not pitch in this game as he did before Kershaw closed Game 5 of the division series but he came pretty close, and indications are Maeda will indeed make this start.He has started twice this postseason, and the Dodgers have lost both times. But his four inning outing in Game 1 of this series was not terrible. He gave up four hits, three walks and three runs, and if he does that Thursday the club should again have a chance to win.Lester Game 1 statistics were good: six innings, four hits, one run. But the Dodgers hit the ball hard against him and Cubs Manager Joe Maddon pulled Lester after 77 pitches. There also the matter of his trouble throwing to first base, of which the Dodgers and every other team in baseball are aware. The Dodgers need their hits to miss some gloves in order take full advantage.Datification quantifies life; things that we typically think of as immeasurable: the beauty of a sunset, why some people are more successful, or what makes one brand reach a tipping point while others fail. Some of the effects of this on the NFL will be obvious: players can improve their performance, coaches will change game plans, owners will sell new products and services, and fanatical fans will be more engaged. But these just scratch the surface.For the sake of simplicity and clarity, imagine each network having an equal amount of games consisting of equal stature. The possibilities are endles. Al Michaels calling games with Troy Aikman. cheap nfl jerseys James Brown in the studio jordan retro 11 with Trent Dilfer. Gus Johnson finally getting the chance to fill a top network slot. Hopefully you’ll have your own thoughts and opinions on the draft and who you would pick to build your own NFL talent base. At the end of the draft, we want you to play Mel Kiper Jr. (or Mayock, McShay, or draftnik of choice) and tell us who you think did the best job building their network. At the conclusion of the draft will be links to each network page that will have the entire roster as well as the network philiosophy of each GM. Our poll is located at the conclusion of the draft and on each network’s page and will be open until the real NFL Draft begins next week.