Sommerpause, kein Gottesdienst am 03.08. und 10.08.2014

Im August ist bei uns Sommerpause! Viele nutzen die Zeit, um Urlaub zu machen. Daher werden die Veranstaltungen teilweise in „abgespeckter“ oder anderer Form stattfinden… weswegen man Gott nicht weniger erleben kann ?

Am Sonntag den 03.08. und 10.08. wird es keinen Gottesdienst bei uns geben. Wir nutzen das Wochenende, um am Freakstock teilzunehmen…solltet ihr auch mal drüber nachdenken



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Mosambik Missionsabend [05.07.2014, 18 Uhr]

Claudia, unser Missionskontakt aus Monsambik, ist wieder in Deutschland und kommt uns bereits dieses Wochenende besuchen!
Claudi wird uns diesen Samstag (05.07.2014) von Ihrer Arbeit berichten.

Kommt alle ins Zollamt: Samstag, ab 18 Uhr!!

Missionarin aus Mosambik

Missionarin aus Mosambik

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Kindersegnung in Weener [06.07.2014]

Am Sonntag, den 06.07.2014 wird es KEINEN Gottesdienst in Bremen geben. Wir sind in Ostfriesland zu einer Kindersegnung unterwegs.

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In other words, he was all over the field. Better than the stats: He stung Cam Newton with a pick oakley sunglasses outlet six after snuffing out a screen pass. Then he sealed the victory with a strip sack of Newton after Derek Carr put up another fourth Cheap Jordan Sale quarter TD drive that wound up as the game winner. No trades this one is a big one. There is always often someone who is just waiting for someone to appear to drown. When a team becomes eliminated and seems to quit the gull will swoop in and try to grab as much as they can for themselves. The gull will offer some ridiculous trade for the best players on the team that has been eliminated. In return, they offer their worst players. The hope is that the losing team will be so dejected (or uninterested) that they will just accept the trade. If your team is drowning then cheap nfl jerseys you may view participating in a trade such as this as either a final strike against the league that dashed your hopes or you might view it as „giving hope“ to the gull. In reality it just ruins the league for half of the other managers (the ones still playing competitively). Resist the temptation to be involved at all once you make the decision to quit.Manning went 50 15 in Denver, leading the Broncos to four AFC West titles, two Super Bowl trips, one championship, and in 2013 guided the highest scoring offense in league history. All after retraining himself to throw following a series of neck fusion surgeries forced him to miss the 2011 season and he was cut by the Colts.The field: Carolina (1 5) is off to a slow start but just used the No. 1 pick in the 2011 draft on former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, who has dazzled at times in his rookie season. Arizona (1 4) has lost four straight ray ban sunglasses sale games, but made the trade for quarterback Kevin Kolb. Denver (1 4) made the switch to Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, a folk hero for his conservative views, so it seems unlikely the Broncos would suck enough. Odds: 15 1.The backs go forwardsThe slightly lighter and speedier men with muscular legs and broad shoulders, stand in a line from side to side across the field and are called the backline. To be a back your legs must pump like that of a racehorse, and you must have ‚good hands‘ and be able to pluck that Cheap Jerseys ball out of the air at speed and hold on to it, even in a tackle. If your hands are not good enough to be able to caress that ball with your strong fingers, then you’ll probably knock the ball on and give the other team a penalty. This does not make you popular with the rest of your team mates. Really good backs can intercept the ball when the other team are passing it across their line.